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Most people reflected them as; cold, dark, magic, evil and much more. This was the 'Humanity's  Most Important' nations, who were not appearing  in  any meetings hosted. This is an exceptional  issue however, due to lack of sleep, thanks to a certain Dane snoring.
"Ice!Ice! Wake up, you tsundere douche!" Denmark shook the poor Icelandic body a few times, as they were sleeping in bunk beds. "WHAT?!" the Icelandic's voice can be heard roaring with anger and annoyed expression.
"Switzy called! She needs our help!" He said, pulling her covers. "You go, I'll sleep. Fuck.Off." she said, kicking the Dane's 'vital regions' then went back to sleep. "Oww.. come on, Ice! Please?"
"You fucker stupid ass bitch! Go help her yourself! I want to sleep you beer lover bastard. Fuck off already!" Ice said, kicking him at the face. "Nej! Come on!" He pulled her covers, just to see her...barely dressed. He felt the heat of his face rising.
Her hair was disheveled for the effec
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Tiny Brain 1 by afrina1 Tiny Brain 1 :iconafrina1:afrina1 1 0 At 3 AM by afrina1 At 3 AM :iconafrina1:afrina1 2 0
Hibiscus and Tudor Roses, My love for you.
"This world is distorted, blame our persons who said they were the leaders themselves. Can't you see the lands are dissapearing? Remember what Malaysia told you, England? 'The World without The Axis and it's Allies is nothing but rotten piece of planet, as it like you. Without us, the Prisoners of Mother England, there is no British Empire, nor the History itself.' "
The countries that watched turned at England, which covered his face with muffled sobs. He was sad to let her go, facing the world herself. Now, she rarely shows up, only when she does is at the ASEAN meetings. America comforted him, alongside France, who were glaring daggers at the countries who stared. Even Russia flinched.
4 years later.
In the meeting hall, the world nations was a mess. "mon ami, You loved her, non?" France asked England. He nodded. "I missed her, you bloody frog! She has been colonized by me, and Japan, too! And you expect me to not to love her?! Are you nuts?!"
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-Maple Leaf- by afrina1 -Maple Leaf- :iconafrina1:afrina1 1 0 {Edelweiss} by afrina1 {Edelweiss} :iconafrina1:afrina1 2 2 UTAU newcomer: Kuro by afrina1 UTAU newcomer: Kuro :iconafrina1:afrina1 1 9
The Global Clash Tournament pt1
    A/N: You can blame my friend for this one. She made me do it XD It goes like this: "Do something about the Allies stuck at AH! It'll be awesome! Oh, add Hyrule, too!"
And this me: "ASDFGHJKL I was having a HUGE artblock and you gave me an idea to write wtf dude?"

Then I agreed. For being an idiot I am.
      After being stuck at the Alternate History, the Allies learned a few things to make themselves useful. Such as Germanic countries being neutral, America is in the size of half Russia, the kingdom of Prussia (Gilbert was real happy) is still located on the world map (as in the region of the sea), The State of Atlantis and M.Olympus/Olympia are both located at Greece, and The United Kingdoms of Great Britain are related like a family. (Alongside they were mythical creatures EVERYWHERE in the world.)
   One thing left to su
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Smile for once!
"Tia, I was wondering why you wouldn't smile." Said her brother. Ever since the young 'emotionless' nation became quiet and kind of having a stoic expression, her brothers have been getting the nerves of her.
"Well, I don't WANT to," she replied, her vermillion eyes hinted with annoyance. "Because...?" Her brother really pressed the tense. "It hurt my cheeks, Sei."
"That doesn't mean you're  can't  smile!" Claimed Icarus. For once ,  he's right. "I'd go with the tanned loudmouth here." Xavier chuckled.
"You guys are not helping. By the way, I'm off to America's. Seeyou, I guess."
America, or Yuki, opened the door when she saw her bff, Tia, outside. "Did Austria told you to smile, Tia?" She asked, worried tone can be heard. "What else, I'm not a clear problem. Since he had announce his neutrality, he had been a pain in the ass."
You see, these guys are representations of the Alternate History. So basically you have Austria, France, Germany, Prussia, Liechtenstein  an
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Chatroom: SA/L.o.Z/KI:U/HetaliaxReader
Topic: Leek Slap.
Group: UnitedNations/Knights.
You: (y/n)_(c/n)
Tia; XtiaX
Link: -Zelinkoftiem-
Rinku (SS Link): SkyHero
Pit: {angel}
Pittoo: ~Pit2
Alfred/America: DAHero1
Vash/Switzerland: Neutralize
Arthur/England: -| Iggy |-
Chatroom has opened. Initializing the server 
《《《《《XtiaX POSTED  A PICTURE》》》》》
XtiaX: Hello everyone! Lookit zis! xD
-Zelinkoftiem-: Eeeee no it's humiliatingggg x(
XtiaX: It's about Zelda hitting Link's face with a leek! Bahaha PRICELESS! xD
Neutralize: NICE. That's what he get for staring at her bestfriend.
(y/n)_(c/n): Where did you get this? xD
XtiaX: Manage to caught the pic using Kiku's camera xD
-| Iggy |-: Hilarious. I can't  stop laughing.
SkyHero: Bahaha nice shot! Sharing this!
-Zelinkoftiem-: Eee nuuuuuuu!!! x (
》》》》》》》{angel} & ~Pit2 logged in 》》》
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The Bad Touch Trio by afrina1 The Bad Touch Trio :iconafrina1:afrina1 4 2 Pen Art: Tia by afrina1 Pen Art: Tia :iconafrina1:afrina1 3 6 Wat da heck.. by afrina1 Wat da heck.. :iconafrina1:afrina1 1 6 +Viviane+ by afrina1 +Viviane+ :iconafrina1:afrina1 2 0 +Apricot Freak+ by afrina1 +Apricot Freak+ :iconafrina1:afrina1 6 0 +Poker Face+ by afrina1 +Poker Face+ :iconafrina1:afrina1 2 2
I was freakin' tagged by :iconariadjdeath:

The 13 rullles:
Ya have to post these rules.
Each person has to say 13 things about themselves.
Answer the 13 things about yah and invent 13 questions the people you tagged have to answer.
Choose 13 ppl.
Go to their page and inform them that they were tagged.
Not something liek "u are tagged if u read dat".
You have to legitamently tag 13 ppl.
You cannot say that you don't do tags.
Tag-backs ALLOWED.
You MUST make a JOURNAL ENTREE. No comments...Unless you're commenting about the actual journal.
You have to finish this within a week. If not, you have to do what the creator/tagger tells you to do (rp, art, etc)
Be creative with the title (I am bad at this XD)

The 13 things:

I love Pokemon.
2. My family said I'm weird cause I love Vocaloids.
3. I'm Romano at my house! I love to swear. Especially in Italian when they're not looking at me.
4. I've been addicted to soda and Hetalia.
5. I always draw crappy pics. I always wanted to be like my friend, :icontilloppy:
6. I love to chat, and wrote fanfics and not posting them here.  >:D
7. My favourite thing to do is swear.
8. Since my country follows Britain English, I had to write extra long to figure out words. 
9. I suck at English, my own Language and Maths, alongside Arts.
10. I'm bad at choosing choices.
11. Some people tell me that Pluto is not a planet. Well I think it is. SCREW YOU.
12. I ship KaitoxMeiko.
13. I love chocolates! Especially Swiss'.

The questions from mah kind bff ; :iconariadjdeath:  (thanks dude.)

1. Fav colour?
    Black, Red, White and Violet.

2. Do you have any embarrassing secrets?
    Ahaha. Even if I have one I wouldn't tell you. Suck it up.

3. Creepypasta or FNAF?
    Totally FNAF. But Creepypasta is good too, so... I guess it's FNAF cause of Chica.  (Seriously, who hates Chica?)  

4. Game Theory or Film Theory?

    A GAME THEORY!! Haha I love them.

5. What is your real name?
 You're not helping.

6. What do you think about me?
    Hmm.... I dunno. I'm bad at describing ppl.

7. Do you consider yourself a good artist?
    Bloody hell no.

8.Are you Goth, Tomboy, Emo or Girly?
I can call myself an Average lady mahself, ya know.

9.Pink or Grey?
Grey. Cause....reasons!

10.On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like the band "The Beatles"?
    I don't know lot about them, so I guess 2.

11.Did you ever fan girl over a fictional character?
Haha of course! Last time I did, it's at Link and Alfred F. Jones. Now, it's already at Lovino. (And Vash)

12.Weird or Crazy?

13.Favourite Pokemon?
I guess Serperior.

Listen, I CAN'T Tag. But I'll tag my closest watchers for this. And that includes YOU, the one who reads this.

I only tag: 





Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello! I'm here to tell you a special message. About Rps. DON'T. Comment with your MLP characters to a non-MLP-related art.

I don't do MLP Rps anymore. Sorry.


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